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Topics covered in recent editions include virtual exhibitions, museum UX, NFTs (grudgingly), pandemic responses and resilience, social media virality, monetising live streams, AI, remote working, VR and funding.

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I’m Chris Unitt

I run a digital analytics and user research agency called One Further. That’s given me the chance to work with some of the greatest cultural organisations around, helping them to do the best possible job of understanding and serving their audiences, patrons, visitors, customers, and whatever they want to call the people they deal with. There’s much more about that on the One Further website.

I also speak at events and write articles, usually about the effect of ‘digital’ (in its many guises) on the creative, commercial and promotional aspects of art, culture and creativity. I’ve done that for The Guardian, the Arts Marketing Association, MuseumNext, the Market Research Society, Art of Digital London, IT4Arts, the Association of British Orchestras and plenty of others.

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Peering at Nov/Dec '20 events industry data from Welsh Govt - shows that moving events online, or to a hybrid format led 9% to make a profit, 47% broke even, 44% made a loss. Digital as a profitable enterprise still very much a work in progress... https://t.co/mjrDp5Gqql

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Chris Unitt

Runs a digital agency called One Further.